LaRae Blanka Laura Aiganysh Polina Amanda Virág Detti Eszter Laura Nóri Aisouda Kata Viki Anna Julia Verka Laura Anna Velva Maria Kata Anna Tatum Saci Andi Fruzsi Laura Eszter Anna Eszter Laura Eszter Anna × Porsche 944 Gréti Merci Csilla Doren Anna Jázmin Tatum Eszter Réka Eszter Szilvi Jázmin Kincső Arianna
Gerda Botka   Gerda Botka

The pictures turned out so good I couldn't believe I was in them

Eszter Horváth   Eszter Horváth

If you are insecure when taking photos or if you are not photogenic, Roland proves otherwise! I speak from experience

Andrea Bitay   Andrea Bitay

The photos he took were so good that I feel confident using them on websites, social media platforms or in articles

Aiganysh K. Aiganysh K.

Roland's pleasant aura and humor made me feel comfortable and genuinely confident in front of the camera

Anna Cs. Anna Cs.

He has a very good sense for making the model feel comfortable, even if she is a beginner

Viktória M. Viktória M.

He always knows what it takes to get me out of my comfort zone

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