Being camera shy simply means no one has ever captured your true beauty in a photograph. That changes today.

I'm Roland, your Budapest portrait photographer, known for my empathetic personality and horrible quirky sense of humor. Through easygoing and fun photo sessions in Budapest, I'll guide you in overcoming camera anxiety by crafting authentic photographs that will resonate with you deeply.

Uncertain about posing? Unsure where to place your hands or how to look your best on camera? Rest assured, you're in capable hands. I'm prepared to demonstrate that you are, indeed, inherently photogenic.

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Relaxed Portrait Photography in Budapest
Zsófi Stein   Zsófi Stein

Roland did a great job instructing us, and he got us to laugh genuinely

Gábor Papp   Gábor Papp

A personalized, one-on-one, non conveyor belt experience!

Gerda Botka   Gerda Botka

The pictures turned out so good I couldn't believe I was in them

It's Time to Redefine What it Means to be Photogenic

Relaxed Portrait Photography in Budapest
Photo and edit by Gabor Tomor

Regardless of your gender, size, or age, I believe there's beauty to be found in every individual. My mission is to unleash it and capture it like you've never seen before.

You can forget awkward poses and forced smiles. With my easygoing approach and empathetic personality, I'll make you feel very comfortable in front of my camera. Together, we'll create authentic portraits that you'll love forever.

You don't need to be a model to look incredible in photographs. Whether you want to stroll through the streets of Budapest or take a walk in the calmness of nature, I'll capture your true self in every shot.

Ready to prove those doubts wrong? Book a session with me today and experience the joy of being authentically photographed. Say hello to your true photogenic self.

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Károly Nagy   Károly Nagy

I really felt photogenic with his professional instructions and jokes

Eszter Horváth   Eszter Horváth

If you are insecure when taking photos or if you are not photogenic, Roland proves otherwise! I speak from experience

Abigail Kormány   Abigail Kormány

Roland really understands everyone's language, so instead of a stressful photo session, we had a really good experience

They Weren't Born Models Either

Before they stepped in front of my lens, many of my clients doubted their photogenic potential. But after our sessions, they discovered something remarkable – their true beauty.

Just like them, you may have questioned your photogenic abilities. But rest assured, I'm here to show you that you are inherently photogenic – and together, we'll capture the best version of you.

  I'm Ready

Ádám Aiganysh Alejandro & Ana Altjin & Baysa Anna Anna Anna Balázs Betti & Laci Blanka Burcu & Sebastian Cinta & Jorge Cinti Detti Dóri Eszter Eszter Eszter Gabcsi Gábor Gréti Gyuri Iulia & Radu Jackie & André Kata Jázmin Kata Kincső Klemi & Ádám Lackó Laura Laura Lilla Luca & Dávid Máté Máté Mel Mici Muskan Nóri Réka Riki & Krisztián Saci Sara Szilvi & Laci Tatum Veronika Viktória Zsuzsika & Gyuri
Andrea Bitay   Andrea Bitay

The photos he took were so good that I feel confident using them on websites, social media platforms or in articles

Aiganysh K. Aiganysh K.

Roland's pleasant aura and humor made me feel comfortable and genuinely confident in front of the camera

Máté S. Máté S.

I can guarantee that your first portrait session with Roland won't be your last one


  • "I'm Not Photogenic"

    Quick but wholesome experience where I'll show you that you are indeed photogenic. Only available for first-time customers.

    40.00 EUR

    •   You'll receive 3 retouched photos
    •   Up to 30 minutes of shooting
    •   1 location
    •   1 outfit
    •   Final photos delivered in 1-3 days
  • The Full Experience

    Dive into a world of fun and laughter with my signature portrait experience. We walk, we talk, we create photos, and you walk away being a better version of yourself.

    Initial Investment 100.00 EUR

    •   You'll receive 10 edited and retouched photos of your choice
    •   Up to 2 hours of shooting
    •   Up to 2 locations
    •   Up to 2 outfits
    •   Final photos delivered in 1-5 days
    •   I'll gift you my favorite photo of the day, edited and retouched
    •   Additional photo selection from 5.00 EUR each with personalized discounts when choosing lots of photos
  • Fairytale Fantasy

    Become the protagonist of your very own fairy tale. Experience a magical transformation that will create everlasting memories and magazine-worthy photographs.

    Initial Investment 160.00 EUR

    •   You'll receive 20 edited and retouched photos of your choice
    •   Up to 3 hours of shooting
    •   Up to 3 locations
    •   Final photos delivered in 1-7 days
    •   I'll gift you my favorite photo of the day, edited and retouched
    •   Additional photo selection from 5.00 EUR each with personalized discounts when choosing lots of photos
    •   Professional make-up services included
    •   Fancy dress custome of your choice included (optional)
Relaxed Portrait Photography in Budapest
Photo and edit by Csanad Alfoldi

Payment: Due after selecting your final photos for editing and confirmation of the quantity. Payment options include bank transfer, Revolut, or PayPal. No cash accepted.

Retainer: Typically, there's no retainer for regular photoshoots. However, based on the specific shoot and its circumstances, I reserve the right to request a retainer. This would cover carsharing fees or any additional expenditures associated with the unique aspects of the shoot. Rest assured, any such requests will be discussed and agreed upon transparently before the shoot.

Delivery: You'll receive your edited and retouched photos, in digital format, in 1-7 days (depending on your chosen experience) after payment has been made. I don't deliver raw or unedited photos.

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Are there any additional fees?
Only in special cases, as follows:
  • Transport: For shoots beyond Budapest's outer districts or countryside, a carsharing fee may apply (max distance in one direction: ~100km, maximum daily fee: 40 EUR).
  • Multi-location photo sessions: If your shoot involves more than one location, carsharing fees may apply (typically a few EUR inside Budapest).
  • Entry fees, permits Any costs for shooting in locations with entry fees or permits are covered by you.
Can I get some examples on pricing?
All examples apply to The Full Experience.
  • You really only need 5 photos — that's 100 EUR which is my current base fee. That will include an additional 5 photos for further use.
  • You need 10 photos — that's 100 EUR, same as the base fee.
  • You choose 20 photos after the shoot — that's a total of 150 EUR.
  • You need 12 photos and we used a carsharing service to travel between locations for 5 EUR — that's 100 EUR (base fee) + 10 EUR (+2 photos) + 5 EUR (carsharing) = 115 EUR.
How many photos does your average client order?
My happy clients usually choose around 20 photos. Sometimes they only want 10 photos initially, but they quickly realize after the shoot that there are plenty more amazing shots they can choose from and usually go around or above 20 photos. The more photos you choose, the more discounts I can give you on your final order.
Will my photos show up on your website?
It is important to me as a photographer to be able to share my latest and greatest work through my website, social media and advertisements. I usually select the best of the best images from my photoshoots, and upload them to my website. Before it happens, if you so prefer, I can send you the photos I've selected, so you can confirm that you like all of them. If you have any questions about this, definitely get in contact with me.
Can I share the final photos online?
Of course! You can use your photos for personal use in any way. If you give credit in the description, I'll thank you in a personalized comment. You can upload your photos to your own website, or to any social media platform, but you can print them out in virtually any size. The only thing you can not do is to send your photos to a company who would then use it in their own marketing.
Can I print the final photos?
Sure. You'll receive your photos in the range of 24 Megapixels in size, which is more than enough to print your photos in virtually any size.
What kind of gear do you use?
I shoot with my trusty Sony Alpha 7 III professional full-frame mirrorless camera with a variety of top quality prime and zoom lenses. I've put together a separate page, if you want to learn more about my gear.
I've lost the photos you sent me. What do I do now?
No worries, whatsoever. I've got all your photos on my hard drive and backed up in the cloud, so I can send them to you whenever, no fees attached. Drop me a line, and I'll send them over right away!
Altjin E. & Baysa E. Altjin E. & Baysa E.

His services were definitely top tier and the experience itself was delightful

Anna Cs. Anna Cs.

He has a very good sense for making the model feel comfortable, even if she is a beginner

Viktória M. Viktória M.

He always knows what it takes to get me out of my comfort zone

Why Choose Me

Relaxed Portrait Photography in Budapest
Photo and edit by Danos Nemeth

Over the years I've developed our a method that I swear you'll be in good hands with if you choose me as your photographer. Here are some of the benefits I think you'll like.

  •   Portrait photography for me is not a production line job, but a unique, personalized experience. My primary goal is not to take great photos, but to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
  •   I really do care about your situation, and you're encouraged to talk about your feelings. If you're able to relax and feel at ease, a safe atmosphere is created that allows us both to be authentic and take great photos.
  •   You can choose the location, the outfits, the theme, everything. I'm always open to your ideas during our photo session.
  •   On the day of your session, I will give you one of my favorite photos, edited and retouched, free of charge. So you'll already have a great photo from the day of your session to share or print.
  •   After your session, you'll be able to choose your favourite photos for me to work on. I'll be happy to help you find the best ones photographically, but you have 100% freedom to choose the photos you like best.
  •   Sometimes I'll take 1 or 2 photos on film, if I have my analog camera with me. I'll gift you those photos as soon as I get them back from the lab.

  This is for me!

Máté Sz. Máté Sz.

Roland created a light-hearted atmosphere for the shoot, in which I was able to relax quickly

Jázmin V. & Benjámin B. Jázmin V. & Benjámin B.

It was an incredibly friendly and easy atmosphere; we forgot we were even on a photoshoot

Alejandro J. Z. & Ana F. C. Alejandro J. Z. & Ana F. C.

Roland’s attention and artistic eye brought to life precious memories for us