I'm currently available ✅ for photoshoots in the Budapest area.

I'd love to work with you in:

  • Portraiture – solo, couples, and families; outdoor photo walks, studio sessions, and creative/fashion shoots
  • Automotive – car beauty photoshoots if you're keeping it, or used car photos if you're selling it
  • Social Content – photo stories and product photos for your company's website or social media

Also, don't be afraid to contact me if you:

  • want to accompany me on one of my photo walks, shooting together
  • just want to say hi

✉  Dear Roland…

Social Media

You can find me on these platforms. Give me a follow if you like what you see!

  • Instagram – My primary place on the interwebs where I post everything from my daily street photos to portraits to social content. Posting mostly every day.
  • Twitter – Currently an almost-mirror of my Instagram posts, but with a very different audience, and I love Twitter for it.
  • Facebook – My page for those who use Facebook. Currently mirroring Instagram posts.


A huge thanks goes to my dear friends who allowed me to use their photos of myself on this website:


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Photo of Roland Szabó
Photo and edit by Péter Lakinger