Hey, I'm Roland, nice to meet you! I'm a 32-year-old aspiring amateur photographer from Budapest, Hungary. I used to shoot on my phone a lot, and I picked up a digital camera about a good year-and-a-half ago.

I got very close to technology at a rather young age, and I've always been fascinated of the ways I was able to create. I've tried multiple avenues of creativity, including music and design, but photography has definitely become the one I got to feel the most fulfilled in. The ability to capture moments and share them with others is what drives me on this journey.

I've been shooting APS-C since the day I started photography, first with the Sony Alpha 6000 for a good year, then I upgraded to the a6400. I have an army of lenses and accessories for almost all situations.

When not out shooting or editing, I design webthings for a living, and I play video- and board games for fun. My other hobbies are cardistry and getting quicker at solving the 3×3 Rubik's cube.

Don't be afraid to say hello!

Some Interesting Facts

  • I'm an introvert. I absolutely love working with people, but my social battery can sometimes drain rather quickly.
  • I'm a tech nerd. I love talking about technology and techniques in photography, so if you pop a question, be ready for the long answer.
  • I'm a perfectionist. I strive for the utmost precision and I fight for every single detail in my work.
Photo of Roland Szabó
Photo by Péter Lakinger